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Overview of DP50V5A – controlled…

The first line is SET: the value of voltage and current in the current mode. The actual range depends on the connected power source, the output of which must be at least as much voltage as you need, the same goes for its power.
Then, the settings from the M0 cell are loaded, the output is disabled.
A separate Schottky diode In this version, it comes separately. Input Voltage: 6 – 55V Pictograms – Lock – blocking all control buttons, to activate / deactivate a long press on the potentiometer For more details, please read further Main work screen.
There are latches on the side faces that will hold the converter in the case. All controls and screen on the front side. Price at the time of placing the order on October 28
Output Voltage: 0 – 50V The converter also has 10 memory cells – zero working, and 9 with custom settings. In large font – the actual values ​​​​of voltage, current and instantaneous power. Together with the power supply, which I talked about in my previous review, I added an interesting DC-DC converter to the same order, which I had been looking at for a long time, but did not dare to buy it.
At the bottom there is a contact panel for an external power supply and for connecting a load On the right side there is a potentiometer, with a button and a button for supplying and disconnecting power to the load. Output Current: 0 – 5A

Overview of DP50V5A – controlled DC-DC converter with screen and memory cells

On the left side there are three buttons – quick access to the settings from cells M1 and M2, which are used to navigate the menu up and down, and in the center – the SET button, which performs various functions, such as entering the menu, saving settings, etc. .
There are several different versions of this converter, the later one, except for one additional item in the menu, has already built-in Schottky diode, to eliminate reverse power supply when charging batteries. I already mentioned delivery in the last review – Nova Poshta, picked it up at the office. < br />Constructively, the converter is made in the form of a built-in unit.
The checkmark icon – normal operation, protection operation icons are also possible – OVP, OCP and OPP.< /p> The back side is open. Converter operation mode – CV – constant voltage / CC – constant current
In total, the kit includes a converter itself Can be changed online.
Supplied in a transparent plastic box In short – this device will allow you to turn any power supply you have into a laboratory. All control is concentrated on the front panel.
Basic characteristics — And instructions in English and Chinese Output Power: 0 – 250W
At the start of the device, a splash screen with the device name and firmware version is first launched

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