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Mayıs 31, 2022
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Haziran 10, 2022

TAKSTAR Hi2050 headphones are not Pro yet, but not the bottom either

In apparently thought over the design for prof. applications and the possibility of replacing this foam rubber in case of severe pollution seems to be a competent decision as an acoustic filter here it is completely opaque to light ~ 2mm thick
"synthetic felt" in front of the driver The rear side is loaded with a kind of phase inverter formed by two soft, sound-absorbing plates, plus the plates, at the end of the pipe there is a dust-proof layer of very transparent foam rubber and an aluminum mesh of the body part. This design fully justifies the desire of the developer to give the listener a feeling of airiness and clarity of sound, and the sound-absorbing "mats" opposite the back of the driver are designed to absorb most of its radiation.

TAKSTAR Hi2050 headphones are not Pro yet, but not the bottom either

I bought them just for fun, because in comparison with competitors in the price tag I “heard” more details, plus the legend that this model was one of the last brought by the founder of the brand himself, copying a successful design from some “Pro” by Beyerdynamic… Measurements of the headphones on my, in https://jiji.ug/mobile-phones/apple-macbook-pro-13 some places very crooked microphone, confirmed the subjective feeling of listening – the frequency response displays an obvious emphasis on mid / high frequencies (which the frequency response from the manufacturer also claims), which gave me the "super ability" to hear the previously inaudible in familiar tracks The test "scratch sticker" on the package is intact and there is a high probability that they are genuine – I did not set out to find out in the kit there is an instruction and a receipt from the 16th year, the specification is not bad and today – the "audiophile" impedance is 60 Ohm, 52mm driver, but due to the not very high sensitivity of 90 dB, like most “full-size” ones, they will reach their maximum only with amplification slightly higher than the average portable. this short part of the cable is quite long, plus a pair of “leather” earbuds as a gift, they are assembled quite qualitatively, over these five years, neither the plastic nor the “leather” on the headband has dried out – like a living thing, the aluminum plugs are very elastic and do not bend under physical influence, even when an attempt to slightly loosen the clamp Under the felt in the ear cushion trim, there is a pad holding the driver, which can be unscrewed like in all other headphones of a similar design wire termination is simple and technologically advanced) the driver is huge, with a ventilated magnetic system and on a molded basket made of vibration-resistant plastic (the last statement is not accurate, but it looks exactly like that) The front pad on the frame with the driver is removable, and under it is another layer. Hello. The complete coincidence of the left and right channels is noteworthy, which indirectly indicates the quality of the applied drivers A little about your favorite headphones, which are idle today. But sometimes I still got tired of the brightness when listening for a long time … therefore, for the sake of fun, I added an additional puff of cotton pads under the ear cushion to the stock filter / felt As for the gentle drawdown in the bass region, I think it is due to the felt ear pads and the rather low-power headphone output of my e-mu 0202, in the path of which there is a 22 ohm resistor It was interesting how and what they are made of, I will briefly tell you how they sound out of the box and what leather ear pads give, and at the same time I will indulge in measurements. A couple of years ago I bought them like this – like new in appearance Waterfalls Ear pads made of leather-zama (I left a link to similar ones in the topic header), compared with stock felt With them, an increase in bass is immediately felt and the top becomes much more comfortable due to better isolation from external space

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