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Mayıs 26, 2022
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5Ghz Xiaomi WiFi router from China

After analyzing the loading of Wi-Fi in the apartment, it was decided to change the piece of iron to a 2-band one. The output is 12V and 1A.
The packaging was not damaged this time. Specifications from the site: Consider this. Inside a cardboard box sealed in polyethylene with a neat logo Charger with American plug.

5Ghz Xiaomi WiFi router from China

There is no choice of https://tonaton.ug/s_43-terrace-duplex-for-sale color when ordering https://jiji.ug/cars/lexus-gs-2006. After purchasing a OnePlus phone, most of the time I began to watch videos, surf the Internet and social networks from it. Arrived in a yellow bag. We take our router out of the package. Also all packed in polyethylene. Here is the whole set. But I began to notice that https://tonaton.com/s_279-juicers in some places the speed does not please me. Parameters are written in Chinese on the back

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