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Buick Roadmaster tips

But fate wanted me to fuck America, with all its dreams . 12.12.2011 There were many cars before… the USSR, and Japan, and Europe, and I won’t say anything bad about any of them, each with its own bolts, both good and rusty… Ball – 34 ye, steering tip – 30 ye. The trunk is a space, just huge, although the spare wheel is in the center, it includes eight cases of beer (or vodka) and a snack. The Americans never liked a smut, and tried to make sure that everything could be reached and easily repaired without bothering. I won’t say that the caprice was a bucket, not rusty and well-groomed enough, but it felt more like a workhorse, simple and reliable. 06/16/2010 So, a Chevrolet Caprice was sold and bought a white Buick Roadmaster 5.7 1992 steamboat. For the same reason, at a maximum speed of 170 km per hour (then the limiter works), the car goes only at 2200 rpm! But you will hardly like to go for a long time at such a speed. After it, any foreign car may seem like a Zhiguli to you, and a Zhiguli in general is a bicycle. The suspension arms are long, their travel is great, it swallows irregularities up to 10 cm without noticing. Therefore, rather than take a rusty, dead whim, with a non-working kondeem, a cracked frontal and kotsanny body, it is better not to rush and look with bells and whistles and in good condition. Avtosvet, cruise control, air conditioning (well, very cold), climate control, stove (also, damn it, some kind of abnormally hot), flow distribution: either legs, or in the face, or on the glass. Rear suspension: continuous axle beam, springs, shock absorbers (by the way, the gas cayaba from the Gazelle is excellent, the price is 30 u.e. per piece), it is practically not serviced and does not break the entire life cycle of the car (except, perhaps, replacing worn-out rear silent blocks 160 u.e. the whole set, change a maximum of 1 time in your life!). To change the oil in the automatic transmission, 6 liters of dextron 3.

Buick Roadmaster tips

So, the Chevrolet Caprice was sold and bought a white Buick Roadmaster 5.7 1992 steamboat. Really rare, especially in the vastness of Ukraine, a car that does not leave anyone indifferent, and retains its greatness and status even after 18 years! Able to slowly move your loved one in space with the greatest comfort, and becoming like a mad hurricane when you need to speed up and rush off. The same moment is given by the new BMW M3, only, if I’m not mistaken, already from 4200 rpm. From a car of this size, you still expect something more. The sofa (and this is the SOFA) is so anatomically comfortable that there is a feeling that it has swallowed you, and even without lateral support the body does not heel, there are seven seat adjustments for the front passengers, not counting the air cushions in the back area, lumbar area, and that, which is a little lower – also in the massage area. Structurally, the car is very simple. They are injected with every oil change, like the rest of the suspension. BB wires – 30 cu, a set of bosh candles, 8 pcs – 20 cu. In the city, the engine range is from 1000 to 1800 rpm. There are no electronics that would be buggy like on new cars. There were many cars before… and the USSR, and Japan, and Europe, and I won’t say bad things about any of them, each with its own bolts, both good and rusty… Frame like on GAZ-53. Even before the click of the gun, it is not always an accurate calculation, since everyone’s guns can be configured differently. I forgot what common sense is. Mileage at the time of purchase (honest) 42,000 miles! It was taken new in 92, the owner is a foreigner, he traveled only in the summer when he came to Ukraine. The family, which discouraged parting with the familiar and reliable Chevrolet, dissuaded in every possible way to change the awl for soap. Compare that to the maintenance costs of new, faceless, disposable plastic cars that people buy "to save on repairs and gas." Racks for a new Civic – 200 pieces, stabilizer bone – 50 pieces, CV joint for Mazda MPV – 700 pieces complete with axle shaft! Kia cherato – 180 ye front rack. Wood inserts, chrome-plated buttons and handles, light bulbs of all kinds of lights. Frightened by scarcity and high cost. Dynamics: approximately 10 seconds to 100 km/h. Now, after many workouts, this procedure takes exactly 16 minutes! The margin of safety of the car is huge. I came to the garage: it was not very clean (it had not been used for a long time), a very large, unfamiliar car. The rear view in the mirrors is not bad, but there is a large dead zone due to the wide C-pillar. Despite the length of 5.50, the car fits easily into a standard 6 m garage. Unfortunately, in our society there is a sea of ​​​​complexes and stereotypes, using which automakers are simply shamelessly bred for a lot of money. Carries anything, anything, and as much as you want. Rear passengers (four of us can go, at least to China with
button accordion, no fatigue, went). Distributor cover 20 ye. The design is very simple and reliable. The second lever, the one on the right, switches
transmission. So I understood one thing: after 4 liters, all engines, regardless of volume, eat about the same – a couple of liters. The sound of the motor combined with the sound of the fan (forced) is similar to the sound of a diesel locomotive. There are eight of them, and they cost like a goat … Designed. A funny sight for passers-by) Engine. After installing propane gas Euro 2, 25 liters of gas is enough for a run of 105-108 km in the city, on the highway 13-14 liters per hundred. Over time, this becomes less. A lot of energy, nerves, strength and other health was spent, not. more The dashboard is analog, spartan, but informative, with the exception of the odometer, which is in the dead zone and is not visible when the car is moving (yes, however, it is not needed in Russia, everything is in miles). And the day before yesterday, a new city record was set with average traffic jams and a couple of frisky, rubber-eating accelerations – 20 liters! Who would have said about this for 2 months, would not have believed it in life. The control of the light, all sorts of shorkalki, spray guns, controls, etc … is located under the steering wheel on ONE lever. There is absolutely everything inexpensively, I order in Novosibirsk, through Moscow, it’s only a long time to wait, if through ebay, it will be both cheaper and faster. Shock absorbers front kyb (japan) gas (ideally Gaz Sobol) – 40 pieces. Spare parts are inexpensive. All information applies in the same way to the Chevrolet Caprice. In city driving mode, oil does not eat at all! Only if you turn the dviglo at high accelerations along the highway, it starts to eat up a little. Dash from a place with a squeal of rubber and smoke (standard case)
impressive and gives a dose of adrenaline, even for experienced drivers. So, Buick Roadmaster 5.7, 1992 release. You experience the same when starting off on a Buick. Now the average consumption in the city is 20-22 liters. I was afraid of winter and snow, because I had read a lot of horror stories about a cow on ice. It has absolutely everything and in abundance that is so loved in American full-sizes! But, my friends, taking a full-size with 4 liters and hoping to save at least a little on fuel, you will be disappointed and deep down you will still dream of a real ship with a normal 5.7 engine (and no less) and with a bunch of bells and whistles corresponding to the status of this auto. The noise insulation of the car is made at the highest level: no tire noise, no suspension knock (if any), no roar of KAMAZ vehicles, nothing is heard, only after 130 the wind starts to whistle at the edge of the windshield. Moral: The opinion about brittle, old, hemorrhoids American cars is wrong. But fate would have it. The 5.7-liter engine produces excessive torque already at idle, and the number of passengers and weight in the trunk does not matter for dynamics. There is an air suspension at the back: depending on the load and speed, it pumps up or bleeds air. It goes to such an engine exactly 5 liters. Oil in 92, the manufacturer recommended 5w30 mineral water. The motor is fire, it reacts very sensitively and evilly to the gas pedal, forcing the rear wheels to start up in axle boxes even in motion. Ball
go for 150-180 thousand. The glove compartment is made in this car “purely neighing”, nothing of any significance is included, one word is a printing box. I got used to the dimensions even on a whim (then I already felt at home in 2 days), so the mirrors were no longer peeled against the garage door. On the road 11 hours with a break to eat (1 time) and go to the side of the road (10 times for pleasure, and everything is boiling water), zero fatigue! Gasoline consumption on the highway is 17 liters per hundred, in the city after the first traffic light from 20 to 50. Others are not released. Scheduled maintenance for a Subaru at 60,000 km: rollers, belts, etc. up to 1000 ye not from the officials. In terms of cost
gasoline would have turned out to be about 13 liters of fuel in the city! All consumption was measured from refueling to a full neck, then a run of 50 km, and again refueling until the benz was visible in the neck. Everything that is needed and not needed is illuminated at night like a Christmas tree, but with taste. This is something we always have in stock. And up to 2000 at the official! Oil change under warranty on a Civic at 10,000 km – 250u. Therefore, it is technically a very simple, hardy and unpretentious frame car that does not require expensive maintenance, because the whim itself is a car of municipal services and taxis, which had special requirements for endurance, and for which a sea of ​​inexpensive and high-quality spare parts is produced. On the move: You know the feeling when the train moves off very smoothly, and it seems that it is moving outside the window, but you are motionless. So I have: Buick Roadmaster, 1993 release, rear-wheel drive, mono-injector, 8 cylinders, 5.7 liters engine capacity, length 5.50 meters, width 2.16 meters (in mirrors), weight 2500 kg in running order. The belt changed in 15 seconds, well, or there in 18. Approximate prices for consumables for a rare American!: Air filter – 10 ue, fuel – 10 ue, automatic transmission filter with gasket assembly – 15 ue. The exception, perhaps, is the replacement of candles (they are under the exhaust manifold). A well-groomed American from the 90s, in comparison with these new cars, will seem to you simply free to maintain! I tried to answer the maximum number of questions that concern those who want an American, but cannot decide. Service: When asked to change the candles: "… – how, how, Buik, blah, guys, let’s go see the car …", not all, but a decisive percentage to do everything yourself, since everything is simple. Consumption dropped to 23 in the city. Here they are the unpleasant nuances of a rear-wheel drive frame. The main thing is to gas and the patency is quite normal. Front pads ferodo FDB – 35 ye. Instead of the usual roll-armrest in a whim, there is already a whole mini-glove box with cup holders and drawers, which, when raised, also becomes a backrest for the second passenger in front, next to the driver. Limited version. After installing a dual independent H-pipe type exhaust, I think that it still gives out no less than 200 for me. BUT. Speedometer in both miles and kilometers. Tank 80 liters. Slightly rolly in corners, but very predictable in behavior, and therefore it is very easy to benefit from the handling features. Thermostat – 8 ye. When cleaning the car, I found a coin under the upholstery of the floor. A lot of energy, nerves, strength and other health was spent, not to mention time. Oil 5 liters to replace pour Castrol 5/30. Here, because of the moment on the bottoms, the American has no equal. I changed the spark plugs, that’s hemorrhoids. And their cars are abnormal, very comfortable, convenient, even probably beautiful, but in good condition they need service and a constant (albeit small) financial flow to maintain them! P.S. Let’s go further: gasoline filter assembly for Lancer X – 180
ye, electronic thermostat for octavia – 50 ye. In short, I changed 8 candles for 10 hours. There are 8 injection points in total in the machine. The radio tape recorder is ancient, but the acoustics are full-time, very decent, the radio picks up only even-numbered stations (inconvenient, but when using a modulator it does not affect the mood). Cleaned injectors and the entire injection system. As for me, in a car it is not the maximum speed that is more important, but the dynamics of acceleration, a jerk from a standstill. Replaced (all original from America): candles – 105 rubles / piece, GDP – 1800 rubles / set, air filter – 180 rubles, fuel filter – 220 rubles, sensor
oil pressure (on the arrow, it is separate there) – 1400 rubles. Maybe my review will help someone make a choice. Comfortable driving up to 130 km/h. And the first change took me all day. Although when measured by my method for these machines, it turned out to be all 12! 2 more main questions to the American breeder: “Amerikos are brittle rubbish? Where can I get spare parts?” Despite the rare brand in the CIS countries (there are 9 of them in Ukraine), the Buick Roadmaster is actually the same Chevrolet caprice, only with a different body. The answer to the main question for the owner of an American car: “Does it eat?” I was getting ready for a monstrous expense, since my 4.3 whim with distributed injection consumed 18-21 liters in the city, and here after all, 5.7, and even a voracious mono-injector! Yes, and the owner of the Buick talked about the outrageous 20 liters on the highway and 30 in the city! Were replaced by dead candles, wires, distributor, lambda probe (set Bosch from the vase). The move is very smooth. Before buying such a car, you need to think three times: why?, the Yankees are walking upside down under us. For me, this was a matter of principle, because I didn’t want to be like some owners of Lanos and Lacettes, who firmly believe in their city consumption of 8 liters, but never seriously measured it. So after my jump from a sudden hillock on the road, for a long time I caught
it across the entire width of the highway. The rear springs can sag, for some reason they all fall a little on the right side. Auto dimming rear view mirror. Antifreeze in the system 10-11 liters. Passed. The whole point of this engine is 400 NM / 2400 rpm. There is no head light (both high and low) at all. Oil changes in a box every 60,000. The dark blue velvet interior, with stitched sofa cushions, for some reason reminds me of a box in a large theater. Unfortunately, there is very little information everywhere. Here is such a full size. There is no longer a place for rough design, everything is refined and worked out to the smallest detail, and gives the feeling that this is a car of millionaires. Interior: To open the car door, you need to make an effort, because the doors are just very heavy, sitting in the car to close the door, you don’t need to make an effort, because the return spring will close the door itself, with a little pressure on the door. I went home. All material in the cabin is of very good quality. From the edge of the dashboard to the windshield 60 cm (if sunglasses roll off, then definitely you can’t get it when driving). After studying the issue, I soon switched to semi-synthetics 10w40. Only an absurd review in *********** (“Full Size”), in which there is very little truth, and there are a lot of rumors and conjectures of authors who have never exploited such cars. Deformed lower cargo mono-injector, producing, according to various sources, from 180 to 200 hp at 4400 rpm. Route 12 at 90-100 km/h. Compared to a Chevy, sitting in a Buick salon takes you from an ordinary city apartment with a gray velvet sofa and a simple interior to the realm of luxury and exclusivity. Exterior: Evaluate for yourself, from photographs. The leather of the interior is very solid, despite its age, there are no scuffs. The salon is VERY wide, you can’t reach the passenger door with a fastened seat belt. Such a machine is taken for the soul, and the soul will
be disappointed over time, when you realize that your American is a shabby bucket and only one name remains from his status. All only order and original. Operation: I bought a car in Omsk, I live in Barnaul myself (about 1000 km). It is controlled very easily, the dimensions and weight make themselves felt when you go into a controlled drift (such a scow rushes sideways across the road: a beautiful and exciting sight). I drive for six months. I sat down, started it, there was nothing to compare the sound of the engine with – you need to hear: the uterine roar of a predatory big beast, everything blinks, it works, it asks to add oil. During the winter, the car sat on its belly a couple of times, because it was very low (I managed to push it out myself without help: you put the gearbox in drive, while you get out and push it from behind, then you catch up and jump on the go. Dopekat owner year before he decided to sell. When the snow-white yacht sailed up to the entrance, everyone was just dumb with delight! At the sight of the festive snow-white Roadmaster, all the talk about uneconomical, unreasonable, as well as the largest transport fee in Ukraine (in terms of engine volume) simply dissolved in general delight! Length 5.50 m, width 1.98 cm (mirrors 2.16), chrome, classic Buick radiator grille (waterfall type), wide mirror metal molding in the center of the car, wide rear lights (they say the largest in the world) create festive and joyful atmosphere.

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