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The best large-volume flash drives: top 5 models from 128 GB

The best large-volume flash drives: top 5 models from 128 GB

We have chosen several flash drives for you, which will fit several films and a large photo archive.


Best large flash drives: top 5 models from 128 GB< p>

It is no longer necessary to use a huge external hard drive for archives of 128-256 GB. Compact, high-capacity USB flash drives that used to cost a fortune until recently are becoming more and more affordable. Now, for convenient storage of documents, work programs, and even photos and https://jiji.ng/274-private-jets videos, you can use ordinary flash drives.

When choosing a portable drive, we advise you to pay attention to the USB standard it uses. Thanks to modern USB 3.0 and 3.1 interfaces, flash drives can achieve high read and write speeds, so it will be convenient to store and move even large files on them.

We have selected five of the best 128 and 256 GB flash drives currently available on the market.

Transcend JetFlash 910

  • Capacity: 256 GB
  • Interface: USB 3.1
  • Read/Write Speed: 420/400 MB/s

New from Transcend – USB 3.1 model. This drive boasts some of the fastest speeds in its class, with 420MB/s read and up to 400MB/s write. Thus, the device can copy up to 8 GB of data in less than 30 seconds! For comparison, an hour and a half movie in Full HD resolution takes about 10 GB, which means that it will take less than a minute to transfer it to a USB flash drive.

The JetFlash 910 line has volume models

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